Latin American Telecom LLC is committed to managing copyright complaints responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws, including international treaties and the laws of the United States of America and the various countries from which Latin American Telecom LLC provides its services or where the content of our sites is displayed.

In those circumstances where the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) is applicable, it is our policy to immediately remove content that is the subject of a correctly prepared notice under section 512(c). We have included the elements of a DMCA notice below. We will forward your notice to our customer or user. It is our policy to replace removed content if our customer or user submits a properly prepared counter notice under the DMCA.

We encourage you to consult with legal counsel specialized in trademark and copyright laws before submitting a notice of infringement. Copyright laws may allow a person to use a work in certain ways without the copyright owner’s permission. Please note that Section 512(f) of the DMCA states that any person who knowingly materially misrepresents in a DMCA notice that content is infringing shall be liable for damages, including costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by the alleged infringer.

Please call us at: 1-855-DOT-TUBE (1-855-368-8823), if you need help understanding our procedures.

DMCA Notice

To be an effective notice under Section 512(c) of the DMCA your written notice must include all of the following:

If you believe your copyright is being infringed by content hosted on the Latin American Telecom LLC TUBE network, please send a written notice to the address below. Emails will be verified thoroughly by our legal team so please ensure that email body has the proper information including any PDF attachment. We encourage all complaints be sent through both email and certified postal mail. Latin American Telecom LLC will not charge any fees for responding to any lawful DMCA / Copyright complaint and reserves the right to charge a fee of $900 per hour to respond to any dishonest DMCA / Copyright complaint.

Director of Compliance
Latin American Telecom LLC
4 Gateway Center 9th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
FAX: 412 281 7001

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